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Posted On: 10 June 2019 10:11 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:20 pm

One side of Immigration Bridge at Al Gharrafa Interchange closed for emergency maintenance work

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Due to emergency maintenance work, the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has closed the immigration bridge at Al Gharrafa Interchange on Shamal Road in the direction from the North to the South, as the maintenance work will last for almost one month duration. Ashghal has emphasised the importance of the the safety of the structure of the bridge and confirms that the maintenance works are limited to filling works and asphalt sub-base only.​​​​

Alternative routes

Vehicles coming from the North of Qatar: All drivers that are coming from the North towards the South of Doha should use the temporary traffic diversion on Al Gharrafa interchange (Immigration interchange), the Sabah Al Ahmed Corridor or the Al Jamaa Street as alternative routes.

Vehicles coming from Dukhan Road: Road users that are driving from Dukhan Road towards Khalifa Street (Al Markhyia) can use the Immigration Tunnel.

Al Luqta Residents: Al Luqta residents that are approaching the east, can use Makkah Al Mokarama Street and Omar bin Al Khattab tunnel as an alternative of the Al Gharrafa interchange (Immigration interchange) to avoid the temporary traffic diversion there.

Madinat Khalifa North residents: If approaching Al Gharrafa, the residents of Madinat Khalifa can use the bridge which is connecting Madinat Khalifa North with Al Ittihad Street to avoid the traffic jam which may be witnessed at Al Gharrafa interchange.

An overview of what Ashghal does

The Public Works Authority, better known as 'Ashghal' was established in 2004, and has taken on the responsibility of planning, design, procurement, construction, delivery, and asset management of all infrastructure projects and public buildings in Qatar.

Ashghal operates in alignment with its corporate strategy that outlines its direction and the operational procedures which need to be followed in order to achieve the organisation’s mission and vision. In line with its strategy and objectives, the authority works to deliver projects that implement the best practices in infrastructure development and management.

Ashghal’s key responsibilities

Ashghal governs the design, construction, and management of major projects in Qatar which include roads, drainage and buildings like public buildings, schools and hospitals. 
Adhering to the Qatar National Vision 2030, Ashghal contributes to the economic and social development of the country, with projects serving ports, logistics and industrial areas as well as communities in local areas.

Ashghal's model

Ashghal has employed a powerful model of strategic outsourcing and partnership with local and international leading establishments that will bring capacity and capabilities to ensure Qatar is at par with the most developed nations in the world when it comes to infrastructure.

Ashghal's commitment

Ashghal remains committed towards undertaking a huge infrastructure development that will support Qatar's future socio-economic growth. Ashghal’s contribution to the overall sustainable economic and social development of Qatar is pivotal to Qatar's future sustainability.

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Cover image credit: Ashghal