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Posted On: 29 October 2013 12:19 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm


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Youth Hub, Qatar – a one-stop shop offering youth-oriented services for empowerment and development – has recently signed a MoU with Olympic Sports, Qatar, who will be providing the hub with a range of entertainment, sports and fitness equipment. As the leading provider for quality sports and lifestyle brands, Olympic Sports Qatar has assembled a strong and loyal customer-base since its establishment in the year 1972. The retailer currently holds 4 branches in Doha, with sales outlets at Doha Sheraton Hotel & Resort, Oasis Hotel & Beach Club, as well as the Doha Club. It offers technical support for various kinds of sports and fitness machines and is supplied by a number of international sports retailers, including Nike, Addidas, Reebok, and Fila. Youth Hub was honored to receive the support of Olympic Sports as a key provider in the hub’s fitness, entertainment and wellbeing facilities. As a recent joint-initiative of The Youth Company and Youth Enterprises, Youth Hub Qatar is an exclusive venue for community events and activities, and above all, a center for youth to engage themselves in community activities, developing interpersonal and professional skills, leisure, networking with other young people in the country, and last but not least, physical wellbeing. Youth Hub is divided into seven spaces offering various facilities: FORGE (a studio where creativity takes form), MOVE (a center for physical activity), START (a platform for developing business ventures), STYLE (the merchandise store), SERVE (offering customer service), MUNCH (the in-house café), and finally, PLAY (a center for leisure and entertainment). “A lack of awareness in health and fitness education is one of the leading factors that immobilize the youth in Qatar, and this presents an ongoing issue that we are trying our best to overrun. In providing Youth Hub with state of the art gym equipment, Olympic Sport has shown a significant amount of support to these values, and as Qatar’s largest sports retailer, its presence in Youth Hub will certainly expand its younger customer base as well as ours following its upcoming official launch,” says Abdulrahman Sajid, Director of Youth Hub and YESS. Youth Hub aims to encourage healthy and active lifestyles for the youth by getting them more involved in sports activities, exercises such as Yoga, as well as more intensive fitness training at MOVE. The developments are due to take place by January 2014, when Youth Hub will declare its official opening to the community. - ILQ News -