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Posted On: 6 August 2009 10:24 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Official lauds ‘golden era’ for Qatari women

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Empowerment of women in Qatar in recent years has opened up tremendous opportunities for them to be gainfully employed. However there are still many fields of employment in which they are not inclined to go into says an investigative survey published in the local Arabic daily Al-Watan. Petroleum industry, civil engineering, media, tourism, hotel management, airlines and beauty salons are the areas shunned by them. Their nature and social make-up besides family compulsions do not permit them to take up jobs in these areas in spite of their being qualified and having the will power to work in any field. The director of social affairs in the Ministry of Social Affairs, Najat al-Abdullah told the daily: “Qatari women are now enjoying the best possible opportunities of employment in addition to the rights and privileges due to them. It has enabled them to be outstanding in their respective fields of work. “They are proving their worth and doing their best for the society and the country. One may describe this as a golden age for Qatari women. “However, many families hesitate to send their young daughters to work places where a significant number of men also work. Family compulsions are also an additional reason for many Qatari women to stay at home.”