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Posted On: 14 January 2009 08:39 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Number of single Qatari women growing: Survey

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A number of respondents to a survey conducted by Al Sharq have supported the idea of Qatari women marrying foreigners as a likely solution to the problem of an increasing number of single women in Qatari society. Several respondents said they backed the idea, especially of Arabs marrying eligible Qatari women. “Our cultures are similar, so there is no harm if an eligible Arab national weds a local woman,” said Mohamed Ali. Khalid Al Sai, while agreeing with Ali, however, suggested that a condition be put when an Arab marries a Qatari woman — that he should give an undertaking that he would not mistreat her and that he would provide financial and emotional security to her. It should be made sure that if a husband is unable to fulfil his obligations, he can be sued, said Al Sai. “I think there is no harm if an Arab national who has been based here for a number of years marries a Qatari woman. He can be expected to know the local customs and sensitivities,” said Ali. However, several other respondents opposed the idea, some of them strongly, arguing that allowing foreigners to marry local women would pollute the Qatari culture. “Qatari society is conservative and many such marriages have failed,” said Talal Al Shammari. Mohamed Al Baridi was of the view that Qatari women had the right to refuse to marry a foreigner. It is a common thing in any society and culture not to encourage marriage with foreigners, he said.