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Posted On: 21 November 2010 12:35 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Northern coast a new attraction for holiday makers

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Northern coastal villages were the new destinations for tourists during the Eid Al Adha holidays. Al Gahariya, Al Shamal and nearby villages are emerging into new tourist attractions by receiving thousands of visitors not only due to the beauty but convenience to visit several places merging tradition with modernism. Once the location of a desert camp for Qatar’s scouting movement, Al Gahariya has gradually developed into a small weekend facility for campers. The beach resort as well as the sandy beach to the north with shallow water was filled with local and expatriate tourists. This new and exotic destination is calm and peaceful yet packed with lot of exciting things to do for its visitors during Eid Al Adha. They enjoyed swimming playing beach volleyball and football in the sand and just walking around admiring the landscape and the sea. Fishing and boat rides were other activities the tourists enjoyed. Al Gahariya is a centre for quite a few coastal villages due to its geographical location, facilities and easy access to other nearby locations. Located in the southern direction of Al Shamal, it lies on the western edge of the shoreline bordering the waters of the Arabian Gulf. Al Shamal, a relatively new town on the northern tip of the peninsula, was also filled with people during the Eid Al Adha holidays for five days. The beauty of the place is accentuated by the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf in three directions where many visitors were swimming and taking boat rides. The fishermen in the area offered boat rides for tourists for different rates. They charged between QR50 and QR80 for a ride of 10 minutes and QR100 to stay for half an hour on the sea. Two family parks at Al Shamal were major attractions for family get-togethers during the holidays. Expatriates held annual picnics and arranged many activities in the parks. The specially designed play areas for children and huts for visitors to rest made the destination more convenient. Another destination tourists enjoyed at Al Gahariya was Al Ruwais with its picturesque harbour and open-air mosques. Al Ruwaiz, located on the north of the peninsula, is a good example of Bedouin lifestyle that merges with today’s modern world. Desert bike rides and passing by camels at the nearby areas of Al Gahariya and Al Ruwais too attracted visitors. Visitors to Al Gahariya also didn’t miss the ancient town of Al Zubara where the remains of the town are the fort which is now a museum that houses pottery, ceramics, coins and stamps.