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Posted On: 23 July 2018 01:55 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:19 pm

New technology to catch traffic offenders in Qatar

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
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Many people in Qatar tend to cross the speed limit when there is not much traffic and this leads to very serious problem for road safety. Speeding-related fatalities have been a crucial concern in Qatar specially after a major accident that took place recently on Doha Expressway.

Ministry of Interior took several initiatives to promote road safety by forcing motorists to abide by the speed limits. Mobile radars are also playing an important role to catch seat belt violations, over speeding, overtaking from wrong side in addition to usage of phone while driving.

However, to give a boost to the current road safety initiatives, Qatar is set to roll out a new, modern technology to catch traffic offenders in Qatar. On last Sunday, General Directorate of Traffic launched a civil patrol vehicle equipped with a sophisticated radar to catch traffic violations on the roads particularly where there are no or lesser number of cameras installed, reported Peninsula Qatar.

Speed radars can be anywhere!

Speed radars can be anywhere in Qatar
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The new radars will be installed on the front of Police or civil vehicles, patrolling around the country to curb the phenomenon of speeding, which means speed radars are no longer fixed and can be anywhere and on any vehicle either parked or driving on roads.

According to Qatar Tribune, civil patrols equipped with modern radar devices will cover the external and the internal roads where there are many complaints coming from. The radar inside the car can catch the violations of the over-speed of the cars during the patrolling and its operation on the road.

Snap without flash, works in any weather conditions

Captain Shabib Mohammed Al Nuaimi from the Traffic Patrols introducing the new civil patrol equipped with a modern radar device.
(Captain Shabib Mohammed Al Nuaimi from the Traffic Patrols introducing the new civil patrol equipped with a modern radar device. Pic:Salim Matramkot/The Peninsula.)

Captain Shabib Mohammed Al Nuaimi, from the Traffic Patrols talks about this new technology yesterday, as he said: "Mobile radar devices are already exist in Qatar, but the General Directorate of Traffic always look for new and modern techniques, this device is one of the new technologies which can snap without flash. The radars use the infrared technology which contains a speed detector operating even while the vehicle is moving in any weather conditions. beside taking clear photos, it can take videos as well.

"This device can record violations like someone is racing or crossing the pedestrian lanes. It’s a new device which has already been tested and it proved to work in all climatic conditions. It can also snap all kind of plate numbers either its private, public transport or even military vehicles," he added.

Captain Shabib also noted that the difference between this radar and mobile radars is that mobile radars are visible to motorists and they can reduce speed when they approach it. “This modern technology is invisible in its operations therefore can catch more violations and will create a sense of carefulness among motorists.”

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