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Posted On: 29 April 2009 05:43 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

New sponsorship law comes into force today

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The new sponsorship law, which was issued recently, will be implemented from today, the Ministry of Interior said yesterday in a public announcement. “The Ministry announces the beginning of implementation of Law Number 4 of 2009 regulating the entry, exit and stay of foreigners as well as their sponsorship, starting from today,” the Ministry said. The legislation was issued in February this year and was awaiting enforcement. The Ministry has asked sponsors and their expatriate workers to comply with the law or face penalties. Workers need to report for completing the necessary formalities like health check-up, fingerprinting and stamping of work or family visas within seven working days of their arrival. They need to visit the Medical Commission, the Criminal Evidence and Information Department—for fingerprinting—and the Immigration Department for visa formalities within seven days. The responsibility for complying with the above rule, according to Article 5 of the legislation, rests jointly with the workers and in sponsors. Those violating the rules will have to pay fines as prescribed by the law, the Ministry has warned. The law specifies fines of up to QR30 per day for each day of delay in not reporting to the authorities concerned after the lapse of seven working days from the day of arrival of a worker. But the total fine would in any case not exceed QR6,000, says the law, which also provides for ‘compromise settlements’.