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Posted On: 14 July 2015 04:52 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

New road to link Hamad Port and truck route

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A new link road has been opened between Hamad Port and the Temporary Truck Route (TTR), also known as Route 55.
According to an Ashghal statement, the new road will help ease the flow of heavy vehicles from the Hamad Port being developed on the southern side of Doha to Route 55 ahead of its full-scale commercial operations (as shown in the attached map.)
The road, known as Mesaieed Road 1, is approximately 4 km long and has two lanes in each direction, one of which is dedicated for heavy vehicles, similar to the existing Route 55.
The road is considered a vital addition to the country's road network as it will form a free-flowing traffic route without entering Doha city, helping to alleviate congestion and manage the heavy vehicle movement better.
The Mesaieed Road 1 is also expected to significantly reduce traffic congestion in Doha and provide an alternative route to residents of the southern side for their journeys between Al Khor and Mesaieed. There will also be better connectivity for Mesaieed Industrial City and Ras Laffan Industrial City.
Additionally, Mesaieed Road 1 falls within the scope of works of the New Orbital Highway and Truck Route and with the progress in the construction of Hamad Port and its impending transition to operational status.
Mesaieed Road 1 starts from the southern entrance to Hamad Port through a temporary roundabout and crosses Mesaieed Road through the newly constructed Mesaieed Road 1. The westbound traffic from Hamad Port will be able to reach Salwa Road via Route 55, significantly reducing journey times.
The southbound traffic from Salwa Road heading towards Mesaieed will now be able to turn east at a new junction on the existing Route 55 onto the newly constructed section of Mesaieed Road 1.
The temporary roundabout and Mesaieed Road 1 are about a kilometre from Woqod petrol station on Mesaieed Road, and 1.8 km from the first Mesaieed Industrial City (MIC) roundabout.
The road opened to traffic in July and will serve as a connection with Hamad Port, facilitating the domestic and international transportation from the port.
The New Orbital Highway forms a fundamental part of Ashghal's Expressway Programme to construct an international standard highway network that will significantly transform road travel within Qatar.
The New Orbital Highway and Truck Route Project is divided into four sub-contracts carried out simultaneously and encompassing the design and construction of approximately 190km of dual carriageway; typically four to five lanes in each direction with the provision of two lanes in future.
Additionally, two separated truck lanes will be provided along either side of the mainline between Mesaieed and Al Khor.