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Posted On: 6 January 2020 09:54 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:21 pm

New KAHRAMAA smart service provides automatic registration for users

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General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) launched smart registration service, considering that this service is a qualitative shift in the level of services provided to the audience of its subscribers in line with its efforts towards upgrading its services and providing high-quality services that meet the aspirations of subscribers in light of its transformation into a smart institution.

In a press conference, Head of the Operations Continuous Improvement at the Department of Planning and Quality of KAHRAMAA Nasser Al Khuzaie said that the smart registration for subscribers with KAHRAMAA will be completed automatically by linking and integrating systems with both the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and the Ministry of Justice without the need to submit requests or documents.

He explained that through the smart registration service, the subscriber will register at KAHRAMAA automatically as soon as the rental contract is documented with the Ministry of Municipal and Environment without the need for the subscriber to submit a request to move to a residence or pay the insurance where the subscriber will be sent a notice to create the request immediately after documenting the lease and complete the registration procedures with KAHRAMAA with the addition of the insurance value to the first bill. He added that the landlord will receive a notice to create a transfer request for a house on his property for the new tenant based on the documented contract and to register the tenant as a subscriber to KAHRAMAA.

Al Khuzaie indicated that the smart registration service provides automatic registration of owners to KAHRAMAA by linking and integrating systems with the Ministry of Justice through the Suk system, as the KAHRAMAA database of owners is automatically updated and the new owner is registered as soon as the document of ownership is documented by transferring the data to KAHRAMAA system without the need to submit a request to transfer ownership of the property, where a notice will be sent to the previous and new owners of the creation of the application based on the documentation of the title deed and the registration of the new owner in a manner that ensures the continuous updating of KAHRAMAA's landlords data and automatic cleansing of the owners' database.

He added that that service saves a lot of time and effort that the customer had to do to complete the procedures for registering data in KAHRAMAA by buying or renting the property, adding that linking and integrating systems with different authorities in the country enhances the ease of receiving information effectively and efficiently, which is reflected in the level and quality of services provided to the public. He explained that the new service contributes to the speedy completion of subscriber transactions, saving time and effort, and reducing the number of subscribers to the service centers, stressing that these services come within the framework of KAHRAMAA's transformation into a smart institution, and the integration of its system with several stakeholders in the country according to Qatar National Vision 2030 and the national development strategies.

He noted that before the service was officially launched today, it was launched almost a month ago in an experimental manner to ensure the effectiveness of the service.

Head of systems development department at the information systems department of KAHRAMAA Eng Mohamed Al Badr said that linking and integrating systems with the ministries of the municipality and the environment, and justice allows KAHRAMAA to inquire about all the transactions that were registered during a specific period, where an internal system was established to automatically query the rental contracts documented with the ministry of municipality and environment at a rate of once every 60 minutes during working hours, and title deeds documented by the ministry of justice through the Suk system at a rate of once a day.

He stressed that almost during the trial period, about 70 properties were updated daily without the need for the tenant or owner to return to KAHRAMAA to update the data manually.

Director of information systems department of the Ministry of Justice Khaled Mohamed Amin said that the launch of this batch of smart services reflects government integration in the field of data exchange between ministries and various state institutions, to reach the best level of quality of services provided to the public.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Justice has coordinated and provided all the requirements to facilitate and launch these services to develop services provided to the public in coordination with various government agencies and institutions in accordance with the latest service electronic programs.

He explained that the electronic link between the Ministry of Justice and KAHRAMAA to facilitate the launch of these services is considered part of the government integration mechanism adopted by the Ministry, and has so far been able to link with various government agencies related to the services of the Ministry of Justice, including the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Supreme Judicial Council, and the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, explaining that an electronic link with other government agencies is underway.

KAHRAMAA revealed that its efficient Qatari nationals from several concerned departments undertake to design procedures and mechanisms to create KAHRAMA smart internal systems to be integral with the systems of the concerned authorities to achieve the implementation of the smart registration system.

Assistant Director of the Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment Omar Al Yafei confirmed that the new service will save time and effort for KAHRAMAA clients, especially tenants, as the Ministry of Municipality receives about 10,000 requests to document and change the data of the rented property monthly, which reflects the importance of this service to the applicants.

Source: Qatar News Agency - QNA

Image source: KAHRAMAA/Facebook