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Posted On: 23 February 2014 08:06 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

New Generation Macaroons

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The Lenôtre Qatar culinary team in association with Lenôtre Paris’ Chef Stephane Durand, presented their new collection of patisseries and chocolates for the exclusive boutique during a private presentation to senior management and partners of Lenotre Doha at the Al Saad branch. After a grueling 10 days of training by Lenôtre Paris’ Chef, Stephane Durand, the teams were eager to showcase their never been seen before creations for the boutique. Chef Stephane Durand, from the international Paris office of development and research, brings 11 years of training and development from Lenôtre Paris to the Doha team. One of the new techniques introduced, unique to Qatar, was the new generation macaroon, whereby only half the shell is used and one of their signature cakes is placed on top in miniature form as a petit four. Other new items included “Bagatelle”, a fresh strawberry cake with genoise, pastry, cream and marzipan, “Inspiration poire caramel”, Dacquoise almond-hazelnut biscuit with pear-caramel mousse, “Éclair griotte, citron, Paris-Brest”, a selection of éclairs with flavoured fillings and so much more. “I am very grateful for the support we get from Chef Stephane. When you are doing the same recipes day in and day out over the course of a long period, without noticing it you may change your technique, or maybe you will change the recipe slightly without knowing why, it’s part of being human being, but when he is here he can advise from an outside perspective and quickly pick up where we may have veered off the path. It is important to have this assistance when you are aiming for perfection.” Commented Executive Chef YannickTirbois. Every year, since Lenôtre’s inception into Qatar, Chef Stephane Durand pays a visit to the Lenôtre team to audit their operations, from the quality of the cake to ensuring compliance with recipes, as well as teaching new techniques, recipes and flavours, to ultimately maintain the standards of Lenôtre Paris. The first part of the training was to adjust existing recipes, as some ingredients need to be calibrated. The second part of the training focused mainly on production followed by a presentation to the Chairman, CEO Adnan Mounajed, COO Nassif Haydamous, Executive Chef YannickTirbois and managers. Loyal customers of Lenôtre boutique will still be able to order the signature cakes from the boutique, such as the rich hazelnut chocolate Tangana cake, so many have grown accustomed to. Customers can look forward to taste testing the new collection this month. - ILQ News -