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Posted On: 13 March 2023 05:24 pm
Updated On: 13 March 2023 05:49 pm

First national prepaid card 'HIMYAN' now available at banks in Qatar

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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National prepaid card himyan banks doha

Qatar Central Bank (QCB) on 12 March 2023 announced that HIMYAN, the national prepaid card is now available at banks.

HIMYAN card can be used on all POS, ATMs and for online e-commerce transactions within the country.

HIMYAN is a registered trademark and the first Qatari national prepaid debit card. Named after the money bag used by merchants in ancient Arabia, it is similar to electronic cards issued by global payment networks.

  • No minimum account balance required for issuance.
  • Contactless.
  • Supports/allows transactions at all sale points, ATMs and local online shopping websites.
  • Can be issued by banking and nonbanking customers to promote financial inclusion.
  • More secure since transactions are made locally via the NAPS network.
  • Lower transaction fees for issuers, acquirers and merchants.

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Source and cover image credit: QCB