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Posted On: 26 March 2018 04:08 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:18 pm

National Museum of Qatar launches donation drive

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National Museum West

Qatar Museums (QM) announced today that it is launching a call for objects from the local community to be included in the forthcoming National Museum of Qatar.

A limited number of the local community will have the privilege of showcasing historic objects and artefacts belonging to them that will be featured as exhibits within the wider museum.

Opening officially in December 2018, the National Museum of Qatar tells the story of the people of Qatar, giving voice to the country’s rich heritage and history whilst celebrating its future.

The museum represents one of the most significant cultural projects in the country and also one of the most ambitious museum projects of its kind, anywhere in the world.

It will celebrate Qatar’s culture by preserving and reconnecting visitors and residents with the country’s traditions. In this way, the museum is the physical manifestation of Qatar’s proud identity, connecting the country’s history with its diverse and cosmopolitan present.

Exhibitions will combine historic objects and contemporary influences, opening up a dialogue around the impact of rapid change. Innovative presentation techniques will excite audiences and push boundaries.

The museum will be a thriving hub for the public, students, and museum professionals. It will redefine the role of a cultural institution, fostering a spirit of participation and providing the conditions for discovery to thrive.

The museum’s structure surrounds the Old Palace of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Jassim Al Thani. The Old Palace, a former Royal Residence and seat of government, was converted into the original National Museum of Qatar in 1975. It is one of most recognisable landmarks in the country and serves as a monument to a historic way of life in Qatar. The palace has a unique historical significance for the country and will be a fitting central exhibit within the National Museum when it opens.

Commenting on the donation drive, HE Sheikha Amna bint Abdulaziz bin Jassim Al-Thani, Director of the National Museum of Qatar, said: “The National Museum will be a source of pride for our entire nation. With this donation drive we’re providing a unique opportunity for selected members of the local community to play their part in helping tell the story of the country’s past, present and future. We’re excited to see just how varied and unusual the various belongings and objects we receive are.”

The National Museum symbolises Qatar’s commitment to developing cultural spaces that develop, promote and sustain a thriving cultural sector and build a national spirit of participation.

It also demonstrates the efforts that Qatar Museums is undertaking in fulfilling the cultural goals of the 2030 Qatar National Vision, contributing to a strong and sustainable cultural infrastructure for Qatar and helping to build a diversified, knowledge-based economy.

Individuals interested in making a donation should contact the National Museum of Qatar team on 5571 4513 or [email protected].

Cover image courtesy of Qatar Museums