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Posted On: 26 October 2018 02:13 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:19 pm

“NAMA Camp” … New Initiative launched by NAMA

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Social Development Center- NAMA is in final readiness to launch NAMA Camp, which is an initiative that aims to invest in youth times, rehabilitate and motivate participants to promote and instill values and concepts in their daily lives. Initiative looks as well to consolidate the social initiatives for youth to become more interactive and influential in the leadership area and community service. NAMA invites male and female young members to register and join the camp, which covers many educational, sports, entertainment activities and others, during 23-27 October 2018 through the link:

The camp includes a number of direct training workshops that consist of innovation skills, positive thinking, innovation tools and concepts, persuasion skills, “consult them” workshop, “solution ready” workshop. Other indirect skills that can be received are teamwork that aims to instill this area, and enhance the role of human relations in tasks success in general in addition to the factors that affect team works progress. The workshops also cover effective communication skills, including the concept and importance of communication elements, speaking, persuasion and active listening skills. The workshop includes also a time management workshop that will help participants manage their times, and know how to connect that to individuals’ nature and behavior, and the steps needed to develop time self-management. Participants will discover other skills like body language, and acquiring leadership skills by acknowledging the pioneering character traits and its patterns, in addition to the best ways to deal with teams, individuals and leadership figures. Participants will obtain many skills related to personal interviews, persuasion and influence skills, and will be involved in social and voluntary activities. The camp also includes many recreational, developmental and sports activities.
“NAMA Camp” is targeting male/female 17-24-year-old young members, and 24-35 year old alumni members of (SAMA NAMA-Tamyoz NAMA- Professional Competencies Building Program). Participants will stay at camp for some days and get involved in a group of positive activities that are run in competitive environment to develop youth skills. Camp will be in November 2018 for three weeks during weekends (Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays). Each camp will host 30 participants with 90 members as total in 3 camps that are managed by 12 male/female supervisors; 6 male guides for males and 6 female guides for females. First and second camps will be for males during the dates 1-3 November and 8-10 November, while the third camp will be for females 15-17 November at Salwa Resort.