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Posted On: 21 April 2016 09:57 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Must Try Restaurants at Souq Waqif Al Wakrah

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Many people are under the impression that Souq Waqif Al Wakrah is still unopened or under construction. On the contrary, there are a few definite must try places! For either a light salad, a refreshing drink, exotic Brazilian dishes, and sumptious desserts, Souq Waqif Al Wakrah can facilitate! There's also the added bonus of a lovely ambiance and a great view of the sea (in better weather it's best to sit outdoors).

Coffeeshop Company

The day I had paid the Souq a visit was particularly hot. Anyone would want to cool off with a nice refreshing drink. I decided to try the Coffeeshop Company for the first time, and it did not disappoint. They have a wide selection of drinks - both coffee based, and non-coffee based. I ordered their strawberry flavored Aqua Coffea (available in a mulititude of different flavors) and I really enjoyed it. It was the perfect, cold fruity drink that one would crave during a hot day. My friend ordered their chocolate milkshake and it was rich and delicious! This cafe is a must try if one visits, for drinks in particular.



Merzam Cafe

This cafe is a nice place to have something light. I ordered their quinoa salad, a healthy option, and their chicken quesadillas. I've also heard that their sliders are one of their most popular menu items. The prices here are quite reasonable, and if you want to build your appetite for a larger portion elsewhere in the Souq, then you should definitely pay Merzam Cafe a visit.



When I ate at Copacabana it was my first time trying Brazilan food ever. And for my first time it was pretty good! Their main attraction is their barbecue, which I unfortunately did not get to try as I ate there during the day and they only open their barbecue at 6:00 pm. However the dishes that I did try, the chicken bbq sticks, Peruvian grilled chicken, and their sirloin steak, were awesome! They were rich in flavor and were cooked to perfection! Especially the steak, it was tender and juicy! A definite must try!



Altseenat Cafe

A local startup that can accommodate the sweetest tooth craving! Altseenat Cafe is colorfully decorated in the style of a 90's theme. The ambiance is great and comfortable. Their must try and most popular menu item is their waffles with various topping choices. You can literally go crazy with what you want on your waffles! My go-to toppings are the Magnum ice cream bar, Lotus, Kinder, and pistachio nuts! #yummy


So what are you waiting for! If you're curious to find out more about Souq Wakrah then you should check out ILQ visit to Souq Wakrah!