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Posted On: 17 September 2011 10:22 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

More viewers praise women-only cinema

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DOHA: Three months after it was opened to the public, the Aspire Ladies Cinema has earned praises as it complies with customs and traditions of Qatar, though some were not agreeable with the concept of gender segregation in cinemas. “The idea of ladies cinema goes in line with the customs and traditions of the community but personally, I think there should be interaction between genders to give opportunity for productive exchange of ideas,” Vasiliki Topadio, an expatriate, told a local Arabic daily, adding there is no problem as cinemas here are in a family atmosphere. Osama Mohammad Suleiman, a university student, said private cinema for ladies is a good idea but not necessary because most men and women in Qatar are working in one place with an atmosphere of respect. “Women now in Qatar actively participate in all sectors and are equal with men in rights then why separate them in cinemas?” he asked adding segregation is not a problem but it should not be applied in all aspects. Qatar has already advanced intellectually and culturally and does not encourage gender divide especially in terms of human rights, in fact women occupy high positions in the country now, according to university student Mohsin Ali. He suggested cinemas for both sexes but with private seats for ladies to provide privacy for them. Some are supportive of the establishment of the ladies only cinema. One of them was Mohammad Ali, who called for authorities to establish more of such cinemas. “Women have to patronize this project to encourage authorities to establish more cinemas for ladies and children only because it is good for them to have privacy and comfortable atmosphere while watching films.” Lula Al Ali, a student, said the idea of cinema for ladies is a good one because ladies are given freedom to enjoy comfortably with female friends and relatives. “Because there are no men in the cinema, we have the freedom to enjoy, laugh and talk while watching the film.” For Rania Muslim, the Aspire Ladies Cinema, is very accessible as it has ample parking space and reflects the interest of the Qatar to provide the needs of various sectors of the society especially women because most recreation places in the country are open to all while the Cinema is exclusive for women. “We just hope ticket prices won’t increase after the recently implemented pay hike,” she said. Ticket price which is currently QR45 was determined based on the services that the cinema provides including security and all-ladies staff, said the management. Presently, three shows are held from 3pm from Thursday to Saturday but would be daily in the near future. The Peninsula