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Posted On: 23 December 2021 07:47 pm
Updated On: 23 December 2021 08:31 pm

More than 215,000 people received booster shots with no serious side effects: Dr. Khal

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More than 215, 000 people received booster shots with no serious side effects: Dr. Khal

Dr Abdullatif Al Khal, Chair of the National Health Strategic Group on COVID-19 and Head of Infectious Diseases at Hamad Medical Corporation, has said that as Qatar marked a full year since the start of the national inoculation campaign against COVID-19, more than 85 percent of the population has been inoculated.

In a special interview on 23 December 2021 during Hayatna programme on Qatar Television regarding the COVID-19 situation in the country, he said more than 5 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered during the period, which saw the country bringing down daily infections from above 2,000 to around 200.

"The success of the national vaccination campaign was the result of the cooperation of all members of society and this is evidence of the community’s confidence in the safety and security of vaccination despite the spread of false information about the safety of vaccination," Dr. Khal said. He added: "The plan developed by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) was successful and effective by all measures to reduce the number of corona infections in the country."

Since September 2021, booster dose has been administered to more than 215,000 people and no serious side effects were reported, said Dr. Khal.

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He further stated that the government will continue to give the booster dose to all those who took the two doses of the vaccine more than 6 months ago, and those who recovered from the infection previously, and those who have been infected for 3 to 6 months have to take two doses of the vaccine, and 6 months later the booster dose.

Dr. Khal affirmed that the national campaign to give the third dose to all members of society will be launched soon. According to him, the side effects of the booster dose do not exceed the symptoms resulting from the second dose, and no case that required admission to hospital as a result of the third dose was detected.

"Initial studies have proven that existing vaccines are effective against the Omicron strain," said Dr. Khal.

Source: Qatar Television