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Posted On: 2 March 2022 03:00 pm
Updated On: 2 March 2022 04:38 pm

More than 14,000 people benefited from grace period till now: Ministry of Interior

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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A 1 March 2022 report by The Peninsula has said that the Ministry of Interior (MOI) has so far received more than 28,476 requests from workers after the grace period for correcting the status of expatriates was announced on October 10, 2021. Earlier, the grace period was extended till 31 March 2022, so that people can benefit from the 50% reduction in the settlement amount of violations by the company owners as well as the expatriate workers.

As per the report, the Ministry said in a press conference held at the Search and Follow Up Department that 8,227 people went back to their home countries during the grace period and around 6,000 people regularized their papers and legalized their status and the rest of the applications are under review.

The report also mentioned that the officers from MOI affirmed that “the departure of expatriates is secured by exempting them from the fines incurred by them and without bearing any responsibility, and their transaction is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible without any delay.”

The Ministry in a statement on this occasion also informed that it will be providing all facilities for the beneficiaries of the grace period to correct their legal status while they are inside the country and also for leaving the country to correct their status if they cannot correct it while they are inside the country.

The Ministry said that the objective of the grace period is legalizing the status of expatriates who are staying in the country violating the provisions of law No. 21/2015, in accordance with the law and in line with humanitarian standards.


Source: The Peninsula
Cover image: Qatar Tribune