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Posted On: 5 November 2011 02:53 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

More takers for sheep this Eid Al Adha

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The demand of camels is low this Eid Al Adha compared to the last one although there are different types of camels in the market for sale, said a camel seller, Omar Ahmad, at the Central Market. Prices of the camels are stable with the advent of Eid Al Adha since there are enough supplies and low demands. The camel prices are ranging between QR5,000 and QR6,000, said a retailer, Mohammad Ahmad. Hairan camels which are used in the special Eid Al Adha dish served by the citizens to their guests at this occasion are on high demand not the other camels known for sacrifice, said Saleh Ahmad Hafiz. Saleh added that the prices of Hairan camels range between QR4,000 and QR4,500. Moreover, the prices of the camels are different according to their ages and types, however, almost all retailers are selling at the same price, said a local Arabic daily yesterday. Mostly citizens and expatriates preferred goats and sheep for sacrifice purpose because it come in their budgets and are easy to handle. An 15kg Somali sheep at the outlet of Mawashi is available for slaughter at QR425, however 45kg to 50kg Syrian sheep are being sold at QR1,280, said a source from Mawashi. Sudanese sheep whose weight is ranging between 35kg to 40kg coast QR1,100 at Mawashi outlet. However, the cows are being sold at the rate of QR3,600 and QR4,000 (Somali and local respectively), said the source. Animals can be slaughtered to offer as a sacrifice are goat, either male or female, of at least one year of age, sheep, either male or female, of at least six months of age, cow, ox, buffalo of at least two years of age, camel, male or female, of at least five years of age. One head of goat or sheep is enough only for one person’s Sacrifice. But as for all other animals like cow, buffalo or camel, one head of each is equal to seven offerings thus allowing seven persons to offer sacrifice jointly on one such animal. Animals with problems such as blindness, only with one eye or lame animals, animals that are so emaciated that it cannot walk to its slaughtering place, an animal with one-third part of the ear or the nose or the tail missing, an animal that has no teeth at all, or the major number of its teeth missing and an animal born without ears are not acceptable for sacrifice, said an Islamic website, Al Balagh.