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Posted On: 7 March 2010 02:34 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

MoI Wins the "Best Systems and Programs Award"

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Doha. The Information Systems Department at Ministry of Interior won the first prize of the 10th edition of the "Systems and Programs Award" organized by the Arab Towns Organization. The judging committee of the Arab Towns Organization which held its 10th meeting in Doha during 9-11/2/2010 to announce the awards of the organization, granted the first prize of the "Best Arab Towns Award" to Doha while the second prize won by Beirut and the third prize by Muscat. The State of Qatar has won 4 awards from the total awards of the Arab Towns Organization and from among 115 nominations from different cities, institutions and individuals who applied to compete for the awards of the 10th edition in four categories such as architectural award, environmental health award, green city beautification award and information technology award. The State of Qatar submitted 20 nominations to win the award in information technology, which included the "Best Computer Usage and Application Award", "Systems and Programs Award" and "IT Expert Award". The Information Systems Department of the Interior Ministry won the "Computer Usage and Application Award". The "Arab Towns Organization", a non governmental organization specialized in the affairs of municipalities and cities in the Arab world, was founded in March 15, 1967, and the headquarters of the Award is based in Doha. Arab Towns Award Foundation is one of the charitable and non-profitable organizations. It aims at encouraging the creativity and innovation based on the nature of the Arab-Islamic architecture in contemporary architecture, preserving the Arab identity of the city and its heritage and maintenance of historical landmarks and monuments and its re-employment in contemporary life in addition to encouraging the Arab engineers and planners to adhere with the principles of Islamic and Arab thought and architectural art. ILQ News