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Posted On: 20 June 2010 04:40 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

MoI Launches New Link for Communication with Public

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The Ministry of Interior launched a number of new links on the website of the Ministry on Monday 14/6/2010 in a function held in the headquarters of the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior. Major. Mohammad Majid Al Sulaiti, Assistant Director of Public Relations Department of MoI, Captain. Eid Mubarak Al Bader form Information Systems Department, Lieutenant. Mubarak Salem Al Buainain, Head of Security Media Section in Public Relations Department and representatives of the local media were present in the ceremony. Speaking in the new link launching ceremony, Assistant director of Public Relations Department emphasized on the important and crucial role of the local media in raising the public awareness, and appreciated the constant communication existing between Public Relations Department and different local media in the country. He stated then that the website of the Ministry of Interior has undergone great developments during the last period as the number of the website's visitors during the first five months of this year has reached to 125 thousand visitors while was only 92 thousand visitors during the same period of the last year. The launching of new links comes within the development and improvement plan adopted by the Ministry of Interior in all fields, He added. First Lieutenant. Mubarak Salem Al Buainain assured that the Public Relations Department, which is in charge of supervising the content of the Ministry's website and through coordination with the Information Systems Department, has worked on the preparation of the new links to meet the evolving needs of the public. In addition to this link, the Ministry's website includes many online services that have greatly helped the public to benefit from the services of the Ministry of Interior and it includes links to the different departments of the Ministry of Interior. Then, Captain. Eid Mubarak Al Bader and First Lieutenant. Mubarak Al Buainain launched the new links. Mr. Adel Al-Mehdi, Content Supervisor of the Ministry of Interior's website presented a brief overview of the new links and services offered and how to manage the content, pointing out that the all recognized standards in designing and developing links were taken into consideration to ensure the achievement of the desired goals. The new links that have been newly launched include the service "Communicate with Us", "Photo Album" and "Publications and Prints". The link "Communicate with Us', which includes "Issue for Discussion, "Suggestions", and "Complaints" is an interactive window for the public with the Ministry of Interior to express their opinions and suggestions towards the issues that are concerned with them at first place. The subscriber can propose issues by himself for discussion on the link "Communicate with Us" as he likes the subject for discuss and the subject proposed for discussion by any subscriber will be selected for discussion if it wins the maximum support of other subscribers of this service and the content management team does not interfere to guide the discussion, or reply to the users, its role is limited in following-up the ideas and opinions and ensuring its compliance with the conditions of participation. After completing the discussion period specified for each issue, the site administration team will count the opinions, suggestions and criticisms and will analyze it. After completing this procedure, the total information will be sent to the competent authorities for expressing their opinions. The Visitors and users have complete freedom to post complaints and to express their ideas and to provide their complete details in the links for "Complaints" and "Suggestions", but the subscriber is committed to comply with conditions required to ensure the accuracy of the information. The posted complaints and suggestions on the links will be referred to the competent authorities for verification or to check their procedures. The decisions and instructions of those authorities will be informed to the persons who sent the complaint or suggestion via telephone or email. Objectives of the link "Communicate with Us" The link "Communicate with Us" aims to enhance the mutual cooperation between the Ministry of Interior and different segments of the society in order to contribute in developing the mechanisms of participation and contribution in achieving the security. It also aims to know the public's views on the issues for discussion and its relation to the security of the individual and the community through learning about the different mechanisms of addressing these issues. It also aims to utilize the public's constructive views, ideas and suggestions that would achieve more security and stability in the society. In addition to this, it aims to allow the public to express their opinions and interact with the different issues related to the Ministry of Interior and its subsidiary bodies. Conditions for Subscribing in the link "Issue for Discussion" To subscribe in the link "Issue for Discussion" has several conditions such as not offending the Islam or any other religions, not insulting, abusing or defaming any person or not to write what conflicts with officially recognized rules or to not prejudice the Rulers, to commit to public speaking ethics, and constructive and serious discussion and to avoid methods of ridicule and offense. It is also not permissible to write improper statements, and all that against ethics and common sense, and not allowed to display or attach images or links to indecent websites. In addition to this, the subscribers are not allowed to discuss topics related to sectarian or ethnic differences, … etc. ILQ News