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Posted On: 21 April 2022 06:34 pm
Updated On: 21 April 2022 10:12 pm

Ministry of Municipality records 1,400 violations of villa partitions in 2021

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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Ministry of Municipality records 1400 violations of villa partitions in 2021

The Ministry of Municipality, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, represented by the departments of research, follow-up, preventive security and panic, has begun to carry out intensive inspection campaigns involving various municipalities, to control violations of municipal laws, the most important of which is the housing of workers and the organization of buildings.

The campaign, which began in Al-Rayyan municipality, resulted in the seizure of 130 violations of the law prohibiting the gathering of workers within the family housing areas, 130 in violation of the law on the control of the regulation of buildings, 14 in violation of the advertising regulation act, and 4 violations of the human food control regulation act. Legal action has been taken against all violators.

The Ministry of Municipality will continue its joint inspection campaigns with security agencies in various areas of the state in all municipalities, to reduce these violations.

The ministry is also intensifying its ongoing efforts to reduce violations of the divisions of buildings, where municipal inspection rounds during 2021 resulted in the liberation of more than 1,400 records of seizures in accordance with the provisions of law no. 4 of 1985 on the regulation and modifications of buildings, and has been transferred to the competent authorities to take the necessary measures.

On the other hand, the ministry explained the steps to control violations of the division of villas and residential properties, that when the competent authority of the municipality monitors any violation related to the division of villas or residential properties or receives a complaint in this regard, the following measures are taken:

  • Establish the status of the violation by inspecting the offending property after taking permission on behalf of the entry of the property (whether it is a company or a person).
  • Edit the record of the seizure of the violation of buildings (building without a permit) as per the circumstances against the owner or tenant in accordance with the provisions of law no. (4) of 1985, on the organization of buildings and its amendments.
  • Give the offender a deadline to remove the causes of the violation and reconcile with the municipality.
  • Referring the record to the security services in the event of non-reconciliation.

The Ministry of Municipality calls on landlords and tenants not to violate the laws of the state, stressing that it will take all legal action against violators.

Source and cover image credit: Ministry of Municipality