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Posted On: 6 February 2023 03:29 pm
Updated On: 6 February 2023 03:44 pm

Ministry of Labour launches nationalization AI algorithm in private sector

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Ministry of labour nationalization ai algorithm private sector

The Ministry of Labour has announced the innovation of an AI algorithm or model that is aimed to transform the nationalization program in the private sector.

The AI algorithm developed calculates the nationalization percentages for each company according to the nature of the establishment's activity, capital, number of employees, and average salaries.


The algorithm is the first of its kind in the Gulf that uses artificial intelligence in calculating the nationalization percentages and automatically recommends the ideal Qatari employee percentage, in line with the company's absorptive capacity.

Main objectives

  • Provide up-skilling suggestions for the Qatari candidates to meet the job market demands
  • Achieve a smart nationalization program with the AI technology
  • Develop data and statistics related to the Tawteen program

Source and cover image credit: Ministry of Labour