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Posted On: 14 November 2020 04:50 pm

Ministry of Justice launches office on wheels "Absher"

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The Ministry of Justice launched "Absher" car service to serve the public, the car is a mobile office in which a legal notary is present as well as the office and technical requirements to end transactions and take signatures for citizens in their whereabouts without the need to visit the ministry or its branches.

Governmental and private entities and institutions can also benefit from the service in cases that require this, according to the controls and procedures regulating the movement of the car and its locations.

The new service is a qualitative leap in the ministrys efforts to bring transactions closer to the public and facilitate access, and it is available to all segments of society, especially the elderly, people with special needs, and other cases.

The service staff includes male and female employees, taking into account the privacy of customers, and the car is fully equipped to provide various real estate registration and documentation services, including transactions that are submitted electronically.

The car service is offered for the public for a set fee in accordance with legal controls.

Source: QNA