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Posted On: 22 June 2009 02:19 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Millions await final of ‘Stars of Science’ show

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Paper Boy
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Millions of Arab households are eagerly awaiting the final episode of the “Stars of Science”, a docu-reality TV show to promote and fund innovative ideas. “Stars of Science” is a weekly TV prime-time contest initiated by Qatar Foundation, and is being broadcasted by 17 Arabic channels. It is being viewed by millions of people across Arab countries. The programme hosts 16 contestants from 11 Arab countries, and engages them in various stages of innovative processes and numerous challenges. The finale of the programme will be broadcast live on Friday at 9.30pm from Aspire Zone Sports Academy. The contestants will be competing for a grand prize of $300,000. The winner will be chosen through an “SMS” voting process across all Arab countries. The finale will showcase the two final projects which include an electronic device that plays all Arabic musical instruments, created by Bassam Jel’a from Lebanon. The second innovation comes from Mohammad Othman Farah from Sudan, which is an inexpensive device that checks for quality of cooking oil using a laser. The Inexpensive device can be used for commercial and home use. Contestants were given access to a dedicated state of the art working shop, at the Science and Technology Park, to develop their innovations, and are given guidance by a jury panel of experts who assess and follow up with the progress of the contestants.