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Posted On: 21 January 2016 07:50 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Met warns of low visibility in Al Wakra; foggy Thursday morning predicted

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The Department of Meteorology issued a warnin now (7pm January 20) that fog is forming along the southeastern coast with visibility dropping to 100 m in Alwakra currently.

They also said that the mist patches are expected to continue early tonight becoming gradually foggy over most areas until early tomorrow morning.

In its daily weather report that weather inshore tonight until 6am Thursday will be relatively cold and misty becomes foggy later, warning of expected poor visibility due to fog.

Offshore, it will be hazy to misty with some clouds, the report said.

Wind inshore will be northwesterly to northeasterly at a speed of 03-08 knots becomes variable less than 02 knots by night. Offshore, it will be northwesterly to northeasterly 04-12 knots reaches 15 knots at places.


Photo by: Soraya Benhamou


Here is the complete list of tips given out by MoI.

Driving in Foggy Condition

Follow the below steps while driving in foggy condition for your safety as well as others.

• Slow down gradually and drive at a speed that suits the conditions.

• If you have fog lights on your vehicle, use them, in addition to your low beam headlights. High beams reflect off the moisture droplets in the fog, making it harder to see. As well, Don’t use emergency lights.

• The moisture in the air may continuously collect on the windshield. Use your defroster and wipers to maximize your vision. Keep your windows and mirrors clean.

• Be patient. Avoid passing, overtaking, changing lanes and crossing traffic.

• Use painted road markings to help guide you. Stick to the lane you are driving in and don’t try to drift and wander in the middle of the road.

• Allow more distance between vehicles.. You will need extra distance to brake safely.

• Look and listen for any hazards that may be ahead.

• Reduce the distractions in your vehicle. For example, turn off your music/radio. Your full attention is required.

• If the fog is too dense to continue, pull completely off the road and try to park your vehicle in a safe parking area. Turn on your emergency flashers, in addition to keeping your low-beam headlights on.