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Posted On: 3 November 2016 03:34 pm
Updated On: 3 March 2020 12:11 pm

Memes You Can Relate to During Ramadan and Eid

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During Ramadan and Eid I’ve noticed common social patterns, reactions, and phrases that many people empathize with and use. Thanks to memes (an idea, which is usually humorous) we’re able to immortalize these moments and use them at the appropriate time. So we’ve come up with a list of memes you may be able to relate to or empathize with, both during Ramadan and Eid. Think of these as your midday pick-me-up.

Title GIF: CarbonatedTV

When you found out that Ramadan was in the middle of summer and that you'd be spending it in Doha:

Image from: Relatably

Or perhaps you're not in the Middle-East and you're living somewhere where the sun sets at like 8:30pm:

Image from: Relatably

While fasting have you ever said something to another person that you immediately regretted saying? It's okay, apparently hunger does that to people:

Image from: Relatably

Being frequently asked by non-Muslims if you can drink water while you fast and having them react like:

tumblr_nr2qrquq8S1sqhsxxo1_500.jpgImage from: Fusion-agency

Waiting for the sun to set like:FullSizeRender
Image from: Redloungeshisha (IG)

When it's close to Iftar and you can smell whatever your mom is cooking in the kitchen:

IMG_8345.JPGImage from: Meme generator

And finally when everything is all laid out on the table and you're just waiting for the time to start eating:

00D6EB4E-0ED2-49A3-AD60-2294A671B62C.JPGImage from: Songket Alliance

When you finish eating but still don't feel like you're full:

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When you have to wake up and eat before Fajr (dawn prayer):

Image from: @ramadhanmeme (IG)

When you finally have to wake up and go to work but you're super tired:

Tweet from: MoeFakhro

When you're about that halal date (tamr) life:

IMG_8343.JPGImage from: Blickamabend

When Eid finally comes around and you're trying to be the best niece/nephew possible:

555958D6-C54B-488E-BA70-36A25C8C1613.JPGImage from: @ramadhanmeme (IG)

Only to find out that you might be a little too old to be receiving any kind of gift in monetary form:

IMG_8346.JPGImage from: Gagfire

But then again, you get to go back to enjoying your regular cup of morning coffee:

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Do you know of any other relatable memes? Share or comment below!

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