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Posted On: 26 April 2009 09:46 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Man given life for rape

Paper Boy
Paper Boy
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A criminal court has sentenced a young Indian to life after he was found guilty of raping a fellow Indian woman who had freshly arrived here to work as a domestic helper. The incident took place in May 2007. The convict had gone to the Doha International Airport at around 9pm on the day of the incident to receive a friend. The friend did not arrive and while the convict was about to return he had met a woman who had arrived from India fresh and was waiting for someone from her sponsor’s home. The man pretending to be an employee of the sponsor had asked the woman to accompany him. The convict stayed in a room in Al Hilal. He took her there and kept her in the room for two days during which he raped her. He kept her awake the whole night on these two days, a local Arabic daily reported yesterday. The convict later took the woman and dropped her back at the arrival lounge of the airport. She lodged a complaint with the police who, having formed a task force, launched a manhunt for the culprit. The woman picked the assailant from an identification parade. The man was taken into custody and later confessed to having committed the crime. He was charged with abducting the woman and raping her. The case was referred to the court after charge-sheeting by the public prosecution. The court running the trial sentenced him to life.