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Posted On: 17 June 2009 09:10 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Man gets 15-yr jail term for murder

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A Doha court has sentenced an Asian man to 15 years’ imprisonment and subsequent deportation following his conviction of premeditated murder of his two colleagues. He gunned them down because he believed they were framing him for getting a housemaid pregnant. The 37-year-old Pakistani escaped from death penalty as the families of the two victims opted for bloodmoney. According to legal papers, he flipped after his Filipina lover told him she was carrying his child. He refused to believe he was the father and became convinced that two men he worked with had hatched the plot to clear themselves “of paternity suspicion”. The man then confronted his colleagues who ridiculed his claims. In a fit of anger the Pakistani allegedly returned to his sponsor’s home to pick up a machine gun placed in his care – and sprayed the pair with 21 bullets, killing them both on the scene. The victims have been identified as Jamaluddin Mohamed, a 52-year-old Bangladeshi, and Arunachalam Iyyadurai, 45, from India. The brutal killing took place in Shahaniya on February 26, 2007. Legal documents state that the convict killer, who worked as a driver, had been having an affair with his sponsor’s housemaid and would regularly stay with her when his employers were away. When the maid told him she was pregnant, he accused her of having relations with two men who worked on his sponsor’s farm. The man allegedly confronted the pair, demanding they tell him the “truth” as he brandished a machine gun in front of them. When the two of them refused to back down, the accused allegedly opened fire. Afterwards, the Pakistani told a friend what he had done, and fearing that he too might be implicated the pal informed the police. On his arrest, the accused confessed to the crime and showed the police the gun. A lawyer representing the defendant claimed the man had been mentally unstable at the time he carried out the alleged murders. However, after he was put under medical observation for two weeks experts concluded he was “normal” and therefore responsible for his actions. The Filipina housemaid was deported by her sponsor in March. The court ordered to confiscate the gun used in the crime. Legal sources said the Pakistani national appeal against the decision to a higher court.