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Posted On: 4 April 2010 04:27 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Majority unhappy with Qtel’s 111 service: Survey

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A majority of the respondents to an online survey conducted by Al Sharq said they were not happy with Qtel’s enquiry service 111. Sixty five percent of participants expressed dissatisfaction over the services of 111 while 28 percent said they were satisfied. Ten percent didn’t express any opinion. Those who said they were not satisfied attributed their dissatisfaction to the fact that reply to their inquiries was always late and came after very long delays. Hold on time was very long and numerous voice mails were received in between. They were also not happy with the time taken to solve the problems for which inquiries were originated in the first place. Most annoying also was that some of the staff on duty do not know what to do and how to solve the problem as they are not aware of all operation requirements. Nasir Al Nema, one of those interviewed said that he had heard about four months ago that the service was being improved and no delays would occur specially regarding internet problems. “But until this date we have not noticed any improvement” he said. Khalid Saleh, said that the service has many shortfalls and some times the caller gets upset by the long hold on time and the repitition of the voice messages. He urged Qtel to improve the number of staff assigned for this service and upgrade the skills of the existing staff. “Our aspiration is not limited to satisfaction but we look forward to outstanding and excellent services, ” he added. Salim Zuhdi said the problem was always with the Internet service and the duty staff took a very long time to solve the complaints. Jassim Mohammed Fakhro said the service was still below the required standards and the promises about improving the services were not met. Engineer Hasan Dabas said some of the call centre staff have not got the full knowledge of the service requirements. When one calls again another duty staff answers after a long delay and the caller has to spell out the problem from the beginning and the new duty staff also takes a long time to investigate and come back with a satisfactory answer. Engineer Mahmoud Arif suggested finding new mechanisms for addressing such issues. “We have to look for the reasons behind delays and in fact there are big numbers of calls while there is shortage of customer service staff and that is the reason for putting on the voice message answer machines. More qualified staff need to be hired and put on board,” he said. He proposed that calls should be directed to those who are specialised in the specific service so that those who answer are well aware of the reported problems. Mariya, a woman respondent also said 111 service was always slow and not up to the required standards.