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Posted On: 8 February 2013 10:31 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Mada & Vodafone Qatar to help people with disabilities

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Mada (Qatar Assistive Technology Center) and Vodafone Qatar yesterday launched the ‘Accessibility for all’ initiative which provides permanent offers for customers with disabilities. The launch coincided with the observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Under the initiative, Vodafone offers customers with disabilities 50 percent discount on all Vodafone’s Postpaid Plans and 20 percent discount on selected handsets equipped with accessibility features and applications. Moreover, with the understanding of the challenges that some customers with disabilities face around physical mobility, Vodafone Qatar will offer home delivery of any products purchased online on Vodafone’s highly accessible website and home pick-up of bill payment. “As Qatar aspires to build a fully connected society, Vodafone is proud to leverage its expertise through our partnership with Mada that is playing a very important role in Qatari society. It is part of our responsibility to contribute by making mobile technology and the power of telecommunications more accessible for everyone. This includes handsets, tariffs and services that are specifically tailored to people with disabilities,” said Richard Daly, Vodafone Qatar’s CEO. In preparation for the launch of its offers for customers with disabilities, Vodafone in collaboration with Mada trained its store managers to communicate and deal effectively with such customers. Mada also helped Vodafone assess the accessibility features of various handsets. Mada will continue to provide expertise and support to ensure that customers with disabilities in Qatar are able to make the best choice in handsets. The Mada assessment team will be able to offer much needed advice to customers with more complex needs, free of charge. Vodafone’s accessibility initiative aims to make Vodafone as accessible as possible to individuals with disabilities across its entire organisation. The initiative is implemented over a number of phases starting with phase one that focuses on offering accessible products, services and website to enable the social inclusion of disabled customers. The next steps will focus on innovative mobile solutions and applications and accessibility of retail stores. “Mada is dedicated to connecting people with disabilities to the world of information and communication technology. Mobile phones and the Internet are changing the way we communicate and having the freedom to communicate through a mobile is an essential part of our daily lives, giving us greater independence, flexibility and security. Mada in partnership with Vodafone aims to include individuals with disabilities in this revolution to benefit from today’s highly connected world,” said Mada CEO David Banes. Banes said over one billion people in the world are living with disability or around 15 percent of the entire population, who need to engage in the society through accessibility in communication. Source: The Peninsula