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Posted On: 3 July 2016 01:36 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Love animals? The QAWS may just be your favourite place in Qatar

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Many of us in Qatar have pets and they are no less than a family member. However, not all of these cute creatures are lucky enough to find a home. The Qatar Animal Welfare Society aims at the well being of such animals and is a well-established and respected animal shelter located just a 5 minute drive West of Villagio Mall in Doha. Founded in 2003 and relying on the good will gestures of the community it provides shelter for homeless and abandoned animals.

In addition to providing shelter QAWS aims to educated people about pet care and raise awareness of the needs of animals especially in this desert environment. The organization also works alongside many schools, colleges and activity groups, reaching out to people of all ages to promote animal welfare. QAWS can provide advice if a pet goes missing or if somebody finds a lost animal. It is completely reliant on community driven support.

The majority of the cats and dogs at QAWS are housed kennels in Porto cabins .For the dogs their daily walks take place in the surrounding farm fields. Many of the cats are housed inside with access to toys and scratching posts. The farm animals and more exotic animals such as monkeys are kept in a separate area where they have space to roam.

The summer months are a critical time for QAWS as it often struggles with the huge numbers of animals in its care due to a shortage of volunteers and an influx of people leaving who need a place for their pet to go. With over 300 animals to look after QAWS welcomes volunteers new and old to walk, wash, cuddle, and feed a menagerie of animals.

If you are unable to actually go to QAWS to help out there are a range of other ways you can offer your support such as donating food, blankets, towels, water bowls, toys and building materials. You may also be able to help with taking animals to the vets and providing short or long term foster care.

With monthly running cost of QR45,000 and using QR20,000 worth of food, every little really does help. I would suggest if you do go to volunteer you take a hat, water and old clothes with you as it gets hot and dusty as some of the dogs are very excitable!

Volunteering with the animals is hugely rewarding, it helps keep you fit and you get to meet a lovely group of people. Why not give it a go, who knows you may end up with a new addition to your family?! If you are interested in fostering or adoption QAWS will be more than happy to speak to you.

Summer opening hours

For registered volunteers are 6am-8am / 4pm – 6pm

For new volunteers and adoption enquiries 4pm – 6pm Thur / Fri / Sat

For further information please

Call: +974 55396074


Email: [email protected]

Please do not abandon your animal at QAWS.