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Posted On: 13 October 2013 12:26 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Long queues at Abu Samra border post

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Abu Samra checkpost on the Qatari-Saudi border is working at full capacity as a huge number of people leave and enter Qatar ahead of the long Eid Al Adha holidays. All 14 counters at the border post are busy clearing long queues, according to a senior official. Such is the traffic situation that on October 10 and 11 more than 45,000 people passed through the post. Of them, 15,500 entered Qatar, while some 30,000 left, many of them apparently for Haj and the others to visit their home countries. Many expatriates from countries like Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon prefer to travel to their home countries by road. Of those who have entered Qatar, many are apparently visitors from other GCC states who want to be here to enjoy the holiday. Those entering and leaving, however, also include the regular traffic of truck drivers bringing in food and other imports from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. The head of the border post, Colonel Nasser bin Abdullah Al Thani, said since all the 14 counters are operating traffic clearance is swift. “The post is working at full potential. All the 14 counters are working to provide immigration and customs services,” the Colonel said on the Facebook account of the Ministry of Interior. Abu Samra, it may be noted, is the only land border check post of Qatar. He said passengers are being provided immigration and customs services while they are seated in their cars. There is no need for them to step out. “We are making all these services available for the comfort of passengers.” However, to avail of swift services, people should make sure they have valid passport, residency permit and the papers of their vehicle, he said. Those visiting a country and needing entry visas must make sure they have valid visas as well. According to the official, on October 10 and 11, some 15,677 people entered Qatar and 29,879 left the country. “Abu Samra Border Post welcomes all guests of Qatar,” he said. The colonel said the staffers at the border post are regularly trained so that they can deal with people from different nationalities in a friendly manner. There is no congestion on the border post due to the efficient immigration and customs services, he added.