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Posted On: 30 June 2017 07:26 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:17 pm

Local green houses offer varieties of fresh stocks

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Local green houses are pumping over a dozen varieties of fresh vegetable, herb and leaves in large quantities at very attractive prices to the Central Market at Abu Hamour.

The produces include tomato, cucumber, mushroom, pumpkin, onion, spinach, Corchorus, parsley, rocket leaves (Jarjir/Arugula), mint, green onion and garlic chives among others. Some vendors are also offering watermelon and sweet melon, The Peninsula noted.

“We offer various types of leafy vegetables including spinach (sabanakh), Corchorus (mulukhiya), parsley (baqdonas), rocket leaves (Jarjir/Arugula), mint at QR2 for a bunch, two pieces for QR3 and three pieces at QR5, Othman, a vendor said.

“The production of open farms stopped due to scorching heat in the summer but our greenhouse is still producing in large quantity," he added.

"We have a big greenhouse and bring about a truck of vegetables to the central market on daily basis apart from those being supplied to some major shopping outlets,” he added.

Regarding the prices of vegetables at retail vegetable market for local produce at the Central Market, Othman said: “Prices of the vegetables we offer are cheaper compared to those in other local markets. We sell three pieces of leafy vegetables at QR5 when you might get one piece at QR5 at other places like supermarkets and grocery shops. Vegetables available at the yard of imported products are also expensive from our products."

A number of other local produced vegetables were also available at reasonable prices. A 5kg box of tomato and cucumber was available at QR35 and QR27 respectively. A 7kg box of pumpkin was selling at QR20. Small size onion was available at QR12 for a box of about 5kg. A 2kg box of mushroom was selling at just QR15. And a 4kg box of sweet million was available at QR20.

To encourage the farmers and promote the local products, all vegetables showcased at the retail vegetables’ market are from local farms.

The yard for imported fruits and vegetables also offer verity of fruits and vegetables from Iran, Lebanon, Jordon, India and Pakistan. The imported products include sweet million, water million, mango, cherries, peach, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, chili and many others.

A box of coriander leaf comprising about 8 bunches was selling at QR20 yesterday. A box of 10kg cauliflower was available at QR45. A 5kg box of Pakistani mango was selling at QR50. The central market witnessed huge crowd yesterday. Many turned up much before the yard for exported products opened at 10pm.

"Prices of vegetables are reasonable at the retail market for local products," said a consumer, Abu Ahmad from Pakistan.

"I did not see any rise in the prices of vegetables especially the leafy vegetables. They are available at the same prices that it used to be in winter — at QR2 for a bunch, two pieces for QR3 and three pieces at QR5," he added.

Prices of imported fruits and vegetables increased slightly but still low compared to the other places in the local markets, said Abu Ahmad.

The working timing of Central Market was changed in the holy month of Ramadan. “The retail market remains open from 7:30 pm to 12 noon, however, the yard for trading imported items is opening from 10pm to 12noon for retail customers,” said a vendor. (Source)