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Posted On: 20 April 2009 10:47 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

LG introduces laptop with e-Quran software

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LG Electronics unveiled yesterday the X110 Netbook, a laptop equipped with Holy Quran software. The software dubbed e-Quran will provide the Holy Scripture in 10 different languages, and will include recitation of the Holy Quran by Sheikh Abdul Rehman Sudas. The netbook aims to unite the requirements of every Muslim with high technology. The LG Netbook will be 3G and WLAN 802.11 b/g ready making it optimal for fast and stable connectivity. The X110 will boast a large 160GB on-board memory, putting it well above its competitors. “Having the laptop equipped with Quran software delivers trust and joy into the parents’ hearts. This will encourage parents to purchase this laptop and to keep their children on the right religious track” said HS Paik, president of LG Electronics Gulf FZE adding “Students can now have a transportable e-Quran that they can carry with them wherever they go.” “LG is pursuing the ideal blend of smart technology and stylish design in order to become a global digital leader. This innovative X110 is the result of our effort to realize this vision. The 3G embedded and stylish X110 will provide customers with a totally new concept in mobile telecommunication and will be available in the market by end of May.” added Paik. The 10-inch widescreen Netbook will be available in a range of white, silver and pink colours for the inside and the outside of the unit, and will have a full-size 82-key keyboard.