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Posted On: 15 October 2014 02:25 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Learning Festival 2014: Creative Takes on Technology in Education

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The use of technology in education goes way beyond iPads in the classroom! If you want to see how far, check out the Learning Festival 2014 (Oct 23 – Nov 8, 2014) in Doha, jointly organized by WISE - the World Innovation Summit for Education - and Katara. The Festival is devoted to creative takes on the use of technology in education and also features a major photo exhibition by celebrated photographer Newsha Tavakolian, showcasing 300 never-before-seen photos of 11 initiatives from around world that use technology to improve learning. From Ghana, where kids use e-readers to read Virginia Woolf, to Dubai, where 3D glasses are used to teach phenomena in basic physics, the photo exhibition will take you on an immersive journey across this new frontier in learning.


A major part of the Festival is dedicated to the Maker Movement. Ever heard of this? The Maker Movement is a ragtag community of DIYers, tinkers, and inventors who use basic analogue and digital tools to experiment between various disciplines: from crafts to electronics, engineering to design, science to art... the Maker Movement celebrates creativity, learning-by-doing and sharing ideas freely in an informal and participative environment! At the Learning Festival you can find out how this movement uses accessible technologies to enhance creativity through a dozen or so hands-on demos. Come and play Super Mario with Playdoh, turn a banana into a touch pad, discover LegosTM for the IpadTM generation, let your kids write their first programs and algorithms with a wooden robot, and much more:

In addition to this exciting program, the Festival is inviting three Maker groups to lead workshops for schools and create curious pop-up events with local creative teams: for example, on the agenda for the opening night is a Doha Tweetup session accompanied by a creative challenge! For the full program visit