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Posted On: 12 August 2009 11:50 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Leaking drains raise a stink

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The residential areas in Ain Khalid have been stinking for the last several months due to the leakage in the drainage network system. The families living in the area complain that the overflowing manholes are making their lives miserable. Pedestrians and motorists can hardly pass the area without plugging their nose. With the stinking putrid overflowing to the doorsteps of the houses some families have already shifted to other locations while others are seriously looking for alternate houses. Residents say that sewage has been overflowing in the area for the last several months raising a stink, Al Sharq reported. They are putting blame on the drainage network department of the Public Works Authority (Ashghal). “The network system in the area is clogged, preventing the free flow of drainage. The consequent pressure has resulted in the overflowing of manholes”, they told the daily. “The whole area has been turned into a dirty stinking pool, and it has turned into a breeding ground of all sorts of insects and worms”, said a resident Ahmed Shukri. “The municipal workers used to come and drain out the pipe once in a while. But the manhole will start overflowing on the very next day.”, he added. Said another resident Sameh Jaad Al Mullah: ” Normal life has become really miserable here. The leakage has become an order of the day here. Some families have already moved out to another location. I am really worried about the health of our children. I am also seriously looking for another house”, he said.. Another resident attributed the absence of proper maintenance of the drainage system to the overflowing of putrid. He said the pipe lines are too narrow to contain the huge quantity of waste emanating from the recently mushroomed villas in the area. “We have submitted a series of complaints to the authorities. But they are yet to come out with a permanent solution.”, he said. The disgusting odour is polluting the whole environs. In some areas, the stench emanating water can be seen spreading into the parking areas of some villas. “A few moths ago, we faced similar problems. Then, a team of workers came and drained out the putrid. Now, almost three weeks have elapsed since the leakage developed in our area”, said another resident.