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Posted On: 18 September 2014 02:17 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Leadership Conference Ready To Help 60 Youth On Employment Issues

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YCE Sept 2014 Photo

Qatar based youth run social enterprise – The Youth Company International – is set to launch the 6th edition of its biannual conference on Saturday, 20th of September at the Cultural Creativity Centre, Qatar. The Youth Company’s flagship youth conference focuses on experiential and interactive learning for youth in Qatar aged 14 – 20 years. With the first edition of the conference being launched in March 2012, TYC has successfully reached out to 533 young people within Qatar to help them empower and discover their leadership potential.

In partnership with Qatar Ta3mal, the 6th bi-annual youth leadership conference is sponsored by the United States Department of State and is hosted by Cultural Creativity Center, located on the February 22 Street, Qatar. The September edition of the conference specifically targets on issues of youth employment around the world. Titled “Find Your Job”, the conference focuses on providing the right tools, connections, experiences, training sessions, networking opportunities and information tips on different issues and their solutions for youth unemployment.

Speaking with the Chairman of The Youth Company International, Mr. Mohamed Farid, who had been recognized in 2011 as the youngest CEO in the MENA region, said “There are hundreds of young, fresh graduates from Doha’s colleges and universities, as well as from abroad in Qatar. We understand that most of them have employment issues. This is not only in Qatar, but throughout the region as our regional partners have reported. This led TYC’s multi-cultural team to bring together experiences from all around the world and come up with the creative content of the conference, focused on tackling unemployment issues in young people”.

The conference does not only targets on equipping the delegates with the right tools and soft-skills required from any employer, but also, “it connects the delegates with entry-level jobs platforms, provides them guidance on self-reflection, as well as, an opportunity to learn the secrets of excelling at a job by setting examples throughout the conference” – Farid added.

The 6th leadership forum will welcome 60 delegates with ice-breaker activities. The conference then lays the foundation of creating a dialogue among youth on why majority of Middle Eastern and North African youth are unemployed, what are the challenges, and how can we tackle them. Following which, the delegates will be divided into two groups, for break-out workshop sessions. The workshops at the conference include 7 billion people, 7 million jobs – delivered by Renee Rainville from Al Faisal Without Borders, How to write a professional CV, delivered by Elisabeth Blekkenhorst, Managing Director of Global Women – Qatar, How to survive a job interview, delivered by Nevine Kamel, HR Consultant and Facilitator and How to be a leader at your job.

The conference is known for its controversial panel discussion, which gathers 4 – 5 young successful leaders of different organizations, to discuss about their stories for hunting jobs, when they were fresh graduates. The delegates will get a chance to learn, hear and interact with these personalities to understand the importance of choosing the right career path through a successful entry-level job. The panel, named “Entry Level Job – First World Problem!” welcomes different personalities, from various cultural and career backgrounds, including – but not limited to – John Davi, Area black-belt at W Doha Hotel & Residences, Mohamed Farid, Chairman & Founder of The Youth Company International and Mohamed Daoud, Corporate Communications Manager at Gulf Warehousing Company.

The leadership conference will also announce the first internship fair in the country, which The Youth Company has scheduled to organize in November, in partnership with Qatar Ta3mal. The internship fair will provide up to 150 internship opportunities at entry level positions for youth in the country, with many workshops and opportunities to interact with HR management of companies.

"Tackling youth unemployment issues has always been a priority for us and we are thankful to all the sponsors and partners of The Youth Company, to help us reach out to youth with a social value of empowering and developing themselves." commented the Chairman of TYC International, Mohamed Farid.

Delegates can sign up at the conference by logging in to The Youth Company’s website.