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Posted On: 17 July 2014 02:57 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Last hatching at Fuwairit beach

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This is certainly something you don't see everyday. There were around 40 turtles and they instinctively headed right out to sea.

DSC05334.JPG(Photo: Daisy)

In Qatar there are around five species of turtles living in the water but only one type (Hawksbill) that nests at the beaches of Qatar. Each year between March and July, these turtles will find their way to the shore of Qatar to nest. Female turtles come to lay their eggs, and the hatchlings will later follow the light of the moon back into the ocean. It takes around 50-60 days for the baby turtles to hatch.

Screen(Photo: Darren Martinez)

The hatching has its peak in June-August. When it gets really hot in the end of June and the beginning of August the hatching process will slow down. On the 16th of July at Fuwairit beach the ILQ team headed off to see the hatching (we tried 3 times to go there). Around 40 baby turtles were ready to be hatched and kids released them one by one hoping to see them again in 30 years to start laying their own eggs.

Screen(Photo: Darren Martinez)

Baby turtles were led by the moonlight and the additional torchlight from the turtle’s experts helped them to find a way to the sea. Each of them paddled strongly and once they get to touch a wave, they naturally went deep under water instinctively. All the baby turtles went out to their first big journey and it reminded us that we have to protect the environment and keep improving the living conditions for the turtles.

photo-2.jpg(Photo: Daisy)

The number of turtles seems stable according to Steve, from Entalek Qatar, but there’s so much trash on the beach, some people actually eat turtles eggs (although it’s much less than before) and fishing boats catch turtles by mistake.

Steve gave a talk about sea animals by showing their different bones and gave an explanation of the hatching process.

Screen(Photo: Darren Martinez)

All the kids eyes that attended were lit up and everybody was so excited to hear more from him.

photo-1.jpg(Photo: Daisy)

‘’The class’’ was held by the sea which made it more interesting and we thought that it is something very important to educate kids and interact them with such a way. Entalek provides outdoor educational programs for schools that are based on kayaking, camping, outdoor skills, hiking and other outdoor activities that promote experiential learning. Interested? Please contact them: 30233207/