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Posted On: 30 August 2016 07:16 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Lara, the lioness, gives birth to 5 cubs in Doha zoo

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 الأسد مع أحد أشبالها الخمسة

The Doha zoo welcomed five new members to its fold as Lara, the lioness, gave birth to five healthy cubs recently.

The zoo, which comes under the Public Parks Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment –Qatar, announced the good news yesterday in a statement. All the cubs are in good health and are kept under veterinary care.

The cubs are kept with their mother in a closed room for two months to avoid any disturbances. They will be breastfed for three months and meat will be gradually introduced from third month onwards, the statement added.

The department will even have the same caretaker providing them food as any change in routine could disturb them and cause harm.

The father lion is also not allowed to be with the lioness and cubs after delivery as it could hurt the cubs due to jealousy. (Source)