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Posted On: 2 February 2011 07:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Kuwaiti blogger sued for negative resto review!

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ridiculous! The first time i read the review and the comments ...i didnt think this would go so far and then i saw it on His & Her which got me all shocked and outraged by what was going on!! It is very very sad and unprofessional behaviour by the management of Benihana and their Franchise who are supporting them in doing so. Benihana sure got publicity out of this immature act but all negitive... and what was all that about that so called GM going all racist over!! We all at some point or the other had problems with our food and have given bad reviews but till to date i have not seen this unprofessional behaviour...infact the restuarant who gets bad reviews try their best to reach out and improve.. my blog is solely based on restaurant reviews and imagine if all the restaurants i wrote bad about would sue us...thats crazy!! literally crazy!! I remember i had an issue with starbucks and the management of Alshaya had mailed us asking what and how could they provid us with better service and asked us the name of the employee who we had a problem with but we didnt disclose those details... thats not what we want!! This is professionalism by their management..they contacted us!! which shows how concerned and professional their management is and many such incidents have come accross us from different restaurants ... read more: blog in question: