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Posted On: 15 June 2011 05:59 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Knowledge about Tahitian pearls

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Black pearls, frequently referred to as BlackTahitian Pearl, are speciality products from salt lakes in French Polynesia. Myths tells us that Oro, the Tahitian god of war created the pearl and gave it all the colours of the rainbow. He wanted to gain the heart of the goddess Uaro, while she was already married and his love went empty. People discovered Tahiti in the year 1767, while the naturally black pearls had already gained significant popularity and fame by that time in European..The most famous one of these natural Tahitian Pearls was called "Azra". It was the centerpiece of a necklace that was part of the Russian crown jewels. From 18th century to 1960s, Tahitian pearls were collected and harvested much as they used to be, from their naturally occurring beds in the French Polynesian lakes.Tahitian pearls are grown in the big black-lip oysters called Pinctada Margaritifera. This oyster is very big,sometimes more than 12 inches across and weighing about 10 pounds - which often results in much bigger than ordinary pearls. After nucleation, oysters will hang on lines in dreamy and clear lakes, building the beautiful dark nacre that praises Tahitian pearls as the Queen of Pearls. Tahitian pearls are more precious than other pearls, because only few oysters will survive to produce a good pearl. In 1961, a French man named Jean-Marie Dormand made research with a pearl Japanese oyster technician together, They succeeded in producing the first cultured Tahitian pearls within the lagoons of Bora Bora and Hikueru in 1965. One year later, a privately owned Tahitian pearl farm was build up by Jacques and Hubert Rosenthal on another cluster of French Polynesian islands. The mid-1970's marked the beginning of the fast growth in the interest of Tahitian pearls. Large scale farming was started on the islands of Marutea Sud and Mangareva. Robert Wan set up the farm on the island of Mangareva,who became the the biggeet producer of black pearls, producing over 60%.By 1996, Tahitian pearl farms were producing $152 million worth of Tahitian pearls. Tahitian black pearls are "The Worlds Most Precious Natural Gem" according to the Gemological Institute of America,1998. Now, Tahitian pearls have become a coveted prize in a woman's fine jewelry wardrobe. There are many kinds of amazing Tahitian pearls jewelry in Shecy Pearls website, such as Tahitian pearl necklaces,Tahitian pearl rings,Tahitianpearlbracelets,Tahitian pearl pendants,Tahitian pearl earrings,Tahitian pearl jewelry set,Tahitian baroque pearls jewelry. Tahitian pearls will become more and more popuplar all around world in the future.