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Posted On: 23 April 2019 03:36 pm
Updated On: 16 April 2021 11:16 am

10 easy-to-follow tips to keep in mind to stay healthy this Ramadan!

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10 easy-to-follow tips to keep in mind to stay healthy this Ramadan!

The thought of fasting could be daunting, and we can't blame you for feeling this way especially if you're not really accustomed to doing so. And even though non-Muslims are not really obliged to fast, some adventurous and experimental eaters just won't mind following what majority of their Muslim friends do from sunrise till sunset every lunar month—fasting.

Besides the practice's several detox and revitalizing merits, non-Muslims who chose to fast would say that it is the least that they can do in order to make their Muslim friends feel as if they're not the only ones succumbing to hunger during the Holy Month.

But how is it possible to survive one whole day—especially when you're working—without food and water? We've listed 10 fasting tips that might help you get through, so get that pen and paper ready!

1. Follow a healthy plan and don't over-indulge for Iftar

While it's hard not to admit the fact that Iftar is the most-awaited meal for the day as it momentarily breaks the fast, keeping your cool while sitting down in the dining table is still necessary to not make your internal organs feel that 'shocked feeling' after not having anything for 16 straight hours. Nothing beat water and dates as your stomach's first guests so stick to this rule.

2. Try to avoid processed food since you only have few hours to eat

You waited for 16 hours to break your hunger, why not reward your intestines with something fresh and healthy? And since eating time is longer than the fasting period, your food is always recommended to be closer to nature—meaning more fruits and veggies and less fries and oil.

3. Always choose water over caffeine

We know this is one of the hardest part of fasting, but trust us when we say that dumping coffee could be the best decision you'll commit all month long! So give the green light to water—and not to capuccino—every single time!

4. Make sure you're getting a minimum of 6 hours of sleep daily

Even if it's not Ramadan, sleep is still a universal necessity and although 6 hours is ideal, getting at least 8 hours of tranquil sleep in a comfy bed won't add up to the the plethora of reasons why you'll fail your fasting chore. But don't go beyond the 8-hour mark as oversleeping can make you lazy and less productive, so balance is still key!

5. Eat any kind of melon

Melons—of all type and size—are not only healthy, they are also juicy and are made up of 91% of water which is definitely a lot of liquid to keep your body hydrated. Another watery fruit to consider are tomatoes!

6. Say no to salt!

As salt steals water from your body, it's just right to quarantine them into a remote shelf this Ramadan to avoid its usage.

7. Forget about soda!

Fizzy drinks actually contain carbon which causes a feeling of fullness around your stomach and prevents you from drinking water.

8. Consume dairy product as your last meal before fasting

Try consuming a cup of yoghurt or make a glass of lassi—a shake made of yoghurt and milk—on your last meal before fasting. Yoghurt is good for hydration as it contains 85 to 88% of water which makes it a high-water content food.

9. Try not to sweat!

The reason behind this? Water! Store as much liquid in your body as possible! Drink, don't secrete!

10. Keep yourself busy!

When you involve yourself on multiple tasks every day, chances are you'll enjoy what you're doing and this will lead you to ignorance of time. If you start your work by 7AM, you'll most likely get rid everything off your belt by Iftar time—without you even knowing!

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What are your personal ways of coping up with fasting? Did this list help you in any way? Let us know by dropping us a line in the comments section below! Also, don't forget to like and share this article—it keeps us going!

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