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Posted On: 2 August 2013 12:49 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Katara displays rare banknotes with unique numbers

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A US $1 bill with serial number I 11111111 G, among many rarest of rare banknotes from other countries all with serial number 1 collected by a Qatari numismatist Hassan al Nuami, is displayed at an exhibition at Katara Cultural Village. The Katara exhibition is showing only banknotes with number 1 combinations which is a small part of Al Nuaimi’s total collection which has nearly 100,000 banknotes with unique permutations and combinations of numbers from 1 to 9. The exhibition is open up to August 11 at Katara Cultural Village. The Qatari is currently preparing to vie for place in the Guinness World Records. The Guinness World Record for the largest collection of banknotes belongs to India’s Anil Bohora who has a total of 10,025 different banknotes, as of January 13, 2009. Among al Nuami’s collection at the exhibition titled ‘Money and Letters’ is a big 1919 Russian banknote around 5×6 inches, a £10 note issued by Northern Bank Limited, established in 1824 in Belfast, with the serial number E 1111111 and, from India, a `1 and the pink colour `2 notes, both with serial number 1, that are now out of circulation are on display. “I am expanding my collection of banknotes with unique numbers. Once I’m fully prepared I will approach Guinness World Records. I want to do something unique for Qatar and myself through my collection,” said Al Nuaimi. “Challenge me and I will pull out banknotes of any combination of numbers between 1 and 9 from my collection.” Al Nuaimi’s collection includes notes with rare permutations of numbers like 111118, 111181, 111811 and many such combinations. They have been showcased at his exhibitions in Brazil, London, Paris and his last two were recently held in Holland and Singapore. Building this vast collection must certainly be an expensive hobby. “Yes, it is an expensive hobby. I once paid `100,000 to buy a bundle of 100 `1 notes. The face value of the bundle is `100, but I had to pay `100,000.This is my passion. I’m not counting money to get rare money! I only hope one day I will be able to bring glory and honour to Qatar if my collection wins the record,” said Al Nuaimi. Source:Qatar Chronicle