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Posted On: 26 September 2022 04:35 pm
Updated On: 26 September 2022 05:59 pm

Jupiter visible to naked eye on evening of 26 September

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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Jupiter to be visible by the naked eye on evening of 26 sept shutterstock 1833402559

Qatar Calendar House has tweeted that on Monday evening, the planet Jupiter will reach its closest point to Earth, where it will be at a distance of approximately 600 million km from Earth. Jupiter will appear brighter and larger and can be seen with the naked eye towards the eastern horizon of the sky of Qatar.

According to Forbes, Jupiter will be at its closest point to Earth since 1963 and until 2139! You can spot the gas giant, Jupiter, from after sunset today, 26 September, until tomorrow, 27 September, at sunrise.

Source: Qatar Calendar House, Forbes