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Posted On: 18 December 2008 11:26 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

It’s time for desert safari

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Paper Boy
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The time to experience the excitement of desert safari is back once again as the winter has just begun. Desert safari is an exciting experience. It is a thrill and a real adventure tour. There are few tips and tricks to maximise the enjoyment of desert safaris and experience it’s ‘inside secrets.’ You can take your own 4WD if you are experienced in driving in the desert. But the best option is to book your safari through a professional desert safari tour operator. They have well- trained drivers who can drive through the dunes. Experienced tour operators add to the adventure by expertly steering their four-wheel drive vehicles up and down 60-metre sand dunes along the way. “We have very well-experienced drivers. Some have around 17-20 years of experience. Most of them are Qatar nationals and they have very good experience in driving in deserts and hunting. We provide 4X4 vehicles in good condition,” said Hussain Mohamed at Arabian adventure, a travel agency which designs desert safaris. The travel agents design their packages to tell visitors about the desert. Their professional drivers will take the clients on a roller coaster ride as you propel up sand-dunes rising up some 50 meters, and careen down the other side. Some tourist packages include a barbecue meal with maximum hospitality. Tent, carpets, table, chairs, and cushions are provided to make the desert safari complete. Each air conditioned vehicle comes fully equipped with all necessary gear to ensure a safe but dramatic tour of the mysterious desert. “There are two different packages for half a day and full day which includes all facilities with a barbecue meal,” said Mohamed. There are several vendors with vehicles for rent to tourists and locals to use. People ride these motocycle-like vehicles without a helmet and very dangerously. They drive up and down the dunes very quickly and even do tricks such as wheelies. However, a professional 4WD driver will reduce air from the wheels and drive on departing roads to over sand dunes cross the desert. Tourists also drive into the desert and experience the thrill on their own. “We meat put on a spit over a roaring fire. We sat near to keep warm and over the crackling of the fire. I could hear the strange sounds of the camels,” said a group of visitors in the desert near Messaieed. “The surrounding looks bright and the sand is red and gold in colour because of the moon light,” they added. A trip to the inland sea, in the middle of the desert, is a splendid way to spend the day. Desert safari will transfer you to a personal encounter with a different world; you will enjoy the thrill and excitement of driving over sand dunes of varying colours and heights. As you travel over the sand dunes, you will get an unequalled view of the desert and, if you listen closely, you can hear the sands shift as you descend down the slopes.