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Posted On: 19 January 2009 12:17 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

It’s a war against justice and liberty

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Thousands of residents gathered ‘For Gaza’s Sake’ an event held yesterday to express solidarity with the people in Gaza who have been suffering to Israeli aggression for the last three weeks. The event, organised by Qatar Guest Centre under Sheikh Eid Charity at hotel Sheraton Doha, was addressed by many high profiled Islamic scholars. Speakers said that the prevailing hostility is not against extremists as Israeli officials claim. But it is a war against justice and liberty. Speakers were Dr Daud Abdullah (UK), senior researcher, in London- based Palestinian research centre, Dr Bilal Philips Islamic consultant at the Qatar guest centre and S Yousof Estes Director and founder of bridge to faith in USA, who delivered speeches on the crime committed against humanity in Gaza. Muslims have the responsibility to support their brethren in Gaza strip in compliance through Islamic teachings said, Bilal Philips. “The political map does not enable to support the required in Gaza because the Islamic countries are split over. The least support that we can extend is prayers and donation,” he added. A common prayer was led by Dr Philips for alleviating the misery in Gaza caused by Israel, which was followed by the people gathered at the event.