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Posted On: 1 February 2013 05:45 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Is Middle East ‘Ground Zero’ for World War III ?

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It all started when the plan for an ‘International Course of Action’ on the Syrian conflict that was tabled before the UN Security Council had been vetoed by both China and Russia, leaving direct intervention as the only viable course of action for the US and Israel led allies as reported by Qatar Chronicle. Earlier this week, a Syrian official had cautioned that the aftershocks of a potential military intervention in Syria will have dire consequences in the Middle East and the World, adding that Israel will come under fire by Syria in case the latter is invaded by any foreign country. Commenting on the issue, Syrian Deputy Information Minister Khalaf al-Meftah said, “An attack on Syria means aggression against the structure of the (anti-Israel) resistance front which starts from Lebanon and stretches through Syria to Iraq and Iran, because Syria is a regional base for resistance and any threat against it means a threat to regional security order and the aftershocks of any kind of attack on that structure will jolt both the region and the world.” This was followed by promises of support from leaders in neighbouring Iran, declaring that Iran would incorporate any and all means to aid Syria’s fight against the Western colonialists and their puppet rebels. We do not know if either of the Leaders had caught last evening’s news but Israel has commenced air strikes against targets in Syria. With North Korea releasing an official statement pledging to come in support of Iran, should there be a conflict with the US and allies, people across the Middle East are increasingly fearful of a World War breaking so close to home. One that both the sides involved consider inevitable and have no intent to avoid. Iran perceives the conflict as a foreign aggression on ‘Muslim Soil’; the West for some reason continuously hunger for more oil. (Perhaps not driving Hummers could be the solution) and the rest of us are doomed to be dragged into their conflict. (As the base of operations for one side and target practice for the other) Qatar Chronicle’s sources also report that the United States and Israel are eager to escalate the Syrian conflict so as to generate grounds for an invasion of Iran and North Korea, which as is the norm would be labelled ‘War against the Axis of Evil’ (Remember that infamously hilarious line from Bush Junior’s speech ? ). The War would be preceded by a massive propaganda campaign claiming that the two countries have successfully developed Nuclear weapons and IRBMs that threaten the safety of United States and the World. (An allegation that both Iran and North Korea would be too proud to deny). Long story short, the Doomsday enthusiasts among us find reason to believe that the Mayans might have got it wrong; but not by much. With the advent of a nuclear conflict, both Middle East and the World would be looking down the barrel at a conflict of epic proportions, one that might well be the much hyped ‘Armageddon’.Are both sides already gearing up for the eventuality ? While the optimists among us would write it down to another consequence of ‘Black Gold’s curse’. They would argue that we have seen countless wars in the region during the past decades, that there would be more, each bloodier than its predecessors; but life nevertheless…. would go on. Pick a side gentlemen, what do you think ?