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Posted On: 27 April 2011 02:10 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Inviting managing partners in Qatar region

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We are an architectural metal fabrication company headquartered in Australia,with regional operations in the Middle east.Specializing in claddings,handrails,kitchens and custom fabrications,we are continuously investing in the architectural metal sector and is bound to meet higher demands.We are in continuous search of talented individuals who can support our organization. The ideal candidates shall be western educated,self motivated and success oriented individuals with a passion for business and architecture.He/she shall be a civil graduate with a minimum of fifteen(years) experience in constructing,managing and handling multi-national projects.He/she shall possess excellent contacts within the contracting industry.Ability to work from home with a high speed internet connection and tele-fax facilities is a must.In depth knowledge of customer service,quality assurance and health and safety practices catering to international standards is a must.Ability to, develop and implement regional focus business plans,implement and strategically plan business ventures is essential. Some managers have joined our team out of a desire to own their own business. Our unique Partnership Program provides an opportunity for individuals to own a large portion of the stock in the region they manage.Just as a General Manager, a Managing Partner is responsible for every aspect of their region’s operation. Schedule: A Managing Partner must be dependable, reliable and available to his/her region. A Managing Partner is required to work whatever hours are necessary to manage his/her region properly. A Managing Partner’s total compensation package includes commissions,bonuses,1.5% of accrued revenues and retirement pensions* *Minimum service of ten(10) years or more is essential. Interested candidates may reach us [email protected] for details.