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Posted On: 24 November 2016 03:12 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Introducing the gustnado: Qatar’s version of a tornado

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In parts of Doha yesterday, with the short-lived rain and dreary weather, residents witnessed gustnadoes — which, FYI, are nothing like tornadoes.

Gustnadoes, also known as "Al Afoor" in local Arabic, resemble tornadoes in their funnel shape and in the way that they spin. Tornadoes, however, are more powerful and have a devastating impact on their surroundings when they strike, which is why tornado warnings are issued beforehand in countries like the United States.

A gustnado is a fleeting, ground-based swirling wind funnel that can form on the brink of a thunderstorm. With the weather forecast expecting a thunderstorm and a lot of rain over the weekend, the appearance of the gustnadoes basically confirmed the weather reports.

Gustnadoes were spotted in the Al Khor and northern regions of Qatar yesterday, with videos being posted on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and going quite viral.

For many, it was a new sight to behold, as the only extreme weather phenomena that Qatar ever sees and experiences are sandstorms or thunderstorms.

Here are some videos that residents posted of the gustnadoes:

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