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Posted On: 8 August 2016 08:33 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Intriguing Cat Facts

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Written by: Hiba Naveed

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In honor of our takeover, we’ve decided to release an article talking about certain facts that you may or may not know about the cat world. Prepare to be amazed by our feline-ness!

Fact #1:
Cats and groups of cats have titles

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First of all, we need to know what cats are called. We all know a baby cat is called a kitten. Do you know what a group of kittens is called? A ‘kindle'! I know, I know, IT SOUNDS SO ADORABLE. Now what about a group of adult cats? There are three names we can give them: 'clowder’, 'clutter', or 'glaring'. Individually, a male cat is called a ’Tom’ or ‘Tomcat’ and a female cat is called a ‘Queen’ #yaaasqueen

Fact #2:
Cats can’t taste sweetness

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Yes, they really can’t. They have the ability to taste bitter foods, but not the sweet, sugary delights that humans love so much.

Bonus fact: Cats cannot taste chocolate. Not only can they not taste it, but they also SHOULD NOT. If they consume too much, it would be toxic for them. So, kindly refrain from sharing the chocolate treats your Aunt got you over the summer with your little kitty.

Fact #3:
The world’s largest cat measured was 48.5 inches long

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Ah yes, the cat’s name was Stewie and he was actually very friendly. Sadly, he passed away in 2013 from cancer at only eight years of age.

Fact #4:
Isaac Newton invented the cat door

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You know that little infamous flap you’ve seen on doors in movies for cats to walk through? Guess what? When he wasn’t laying down the three Laws of Motion, Isaac Newton is claimed to have invented the cat door!

Fact #5:
House cats run faster than Usain Bolt

If you have a cat, you may have wondered to yourself once or twice about just HOW fast it could run. Well, the common house cat is 29.8 mph and that is actually faster than Usain Bolt. You heard me. Your cat can beat Usain Bolt.

Fact #6:
Cats sleep 70% of their lives

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We all know that felines have their lazy moods. You know those moments where they just sit around and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Turns out, they actually spend 16-20 hours of their day asleep. Jealous? Yes, we all are.

Fact #7:
A cat’s nose is ridged with a unique pattern, just like a human fingerprint

Similar to how fingertips are coated with unique patterns, every cat has a different design on its nose, which makes each cat unique. So take a good look at your cat’s little nose and try to notice the bumps and ridges.

Fact #8:
Cats only sweat through their foot pads

Have you ever run your hand through a feline’s fur and felt in any way that it was greasy with sweat? No? Well, that’s because they sweat through their paws only. A frightened cat may even leave a trail of wet footprints on the ground.

Fact #9:
Cats show affection and mark their territory by rubbing on people

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So all those times you thought your cat was cuddling with you because it loves you, all it was doing was marking you as its personal property. Ah, us humans are so naive and cats will always lowkey rule us. 

Fact #10:
A cat’s meow is usually not directed at another cat, but at a human. To communicate with other cats, they will usually hiss, purr, and spit.

So next time you hear your little darling meow, know that it is acknowledging you and not another cat. You are reserved for its special meow, just like your love is reserved for its royal little fluffiness.

We hope these facts have made you realise just how amazing cats really are. So why not drop a visit to a local shelter or clinic? Better yet, adopt one?

If you're already a cat-owner, what awesome things do your cats tend to do? Comment your thoughts below!